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Works for Piano

A new album from composer Kevin F.J. Harris in an exclusive online debut. Click the download button below to download the album, which includes bonus track, digital booklet and album artwork! Simply click download, unzip the file and load the music files into your preferred music app (ie. iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.).

welcome to opus

Hello, my name is Kevin Franz Josef Harris. For twenty-five years now I have been composing music, mostly as a hobby. It has been something I enjoy doing. Way back when I was seven years old my parents noticed that I had a musical gift, so they signed me up for piano lessons. For the next four years I would study piano. But during that time I also expressed interest in composing my own music. Unfortunately my piano teacher wasn't interested in nurturing that interest. I did manage to write a very small piece for piano at that time however. But time passed and I lost interest in playing the piano and composing my own stuff. But when I was 27 years old, the interest came back and I started playing again. It would be that year that I would write my first real compositions, with the help of a friend. Since then I have composed over 70 works, ranging from simple piano pieces to works for full orchestra. When I am not composing music, I'm Lead Designer for an amazing company called Omnilert, safeguarding lives on campuses, schools and other public places.


New Downloads Section

There's been a new addition to the web site, you can now download albums from this new section called, appropriately, Downloads! Just scroll down and you'll see it, or click on Downloads in the menu at the top of the page.

NEW RECORDING: Violin Sonata No. 1 in D minor, Op. 25

The Violin Sonata No. 1 in D minor was composed from August to October 2001. The recording that I have had was beginning to sound dated, so I took out the score, cleaned it up a bit, made a few minor revisions (because I have learned a ton since I first wrote it) and re-recorded it using Garritan Personal Orchestra. You can hear the new recording just a few scroll steps below in the Featured Work section. Enjoy!

Save the date! June 14th = New Album of Piano Works on Spotify

On June 14th I have a new album coming out on Spotify which features a collection of my best piano pieces! On the album are the Fantasy for Piano, Haunted by Memories, my Piano Sonata in C minor, the new Impromptu in F minor and my Romance for Piano and Orchestra in G Major. I hope you enjoy it!

NEW WORK: Impromptu in F minor, Op. 49 "Dark"

This piece came to me one afternoon out of the blue and I immediately started working on it, since 95% of the piece was finished in my head when it popped in there. I hope you enjoy this piece, you can hear it on the Piano works page.

NEW WORK: Violin Sonata No. 2 in C Major, Op. 48 "Spring Time"

After a little over three months of work, I am proud to announce that my second violin sonata has been completed. I am extremely proud of this work, as it contains some of my best compositional writing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. You can hear it in the Chamber Works section.

NEW WORK: 'Penelope' for Piano and Cello

About two months ago I had a very vivid dream. In that dream I heard this song and when I woke up, I immediately wrote down the lyrics and then the music. This piece is derived from that song and is performed by piano and cello. The score with lyrics can be downloaded here. You can hear this piece in the Piano works section.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary!

It was twenty-five years ago this year that I began studying basic composition with my friend Claude, and ultimately began working on some of my earliest compositions. I took a break in 2016 from composing, but in 2017 I plan to step it up.

featured work

Violin Sonata No. 1 in D minor, Op. 25 (2001)

Work on the Violin Sonata No. 1 began in mid-August 2001 and work continued up until September 11th when the terrorist attacks occurred. I was so emotionally impacted by that event that I stopped working on the Violin Sonata to work on my Adagio for a Nation in D minor. Work didn't resume on the Violin Sonata until late September and it was completed in mid-October. The first movement starts out slowly, then picks up speed, the violin and piano tossing motifs at one another; the second movement is a slow piece filled with a longing for love; the third movement was called "ghostly" by a friend mine, it's a fast paced piece filled with aggravated tones. I hope you enjoy this work!


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Music from the web documentary series produced by Indy Roamers.


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Violin Sonata No. 2


Works for Piano